2017 Michigan Pagan of The Year

Bill Ehle Has been involved with the Pagan community since 2008, first helping out with Pagan Pride Day Lansing. He started out doing small projects, just getting the community together and helping with awareness for those in need for the city.

Finding value in how his efforts were affecting the community, Bill decided to join a group called Mid Michigan pagan Council to help expand on the Lansing Pagan Pride Day and became the treasurer.
After a while, he knew he wanted to do more than just awareness and found Pagans in Need in 2014. Bill loved the idea of being able to help the less fortunate by giving out food and essential needs. He started the Lansing chapter of Pagans in Need and quickly became head of PIN for the church and State.

He relentlessly desired a pantry and has moved several times, finally landing a home with Inner Ascended Masters Ministries. There he runs a twice a month food pantry and clothing helping around 15 families a month. It is there he runs a joint community garden with IAMM called Everybody Eats. Where they are part of the Greater Lansing Food Banks Garden Project.

Bill is also a board member at IAMM and helps with blessing bags for homeless.

Also a member cedar song grove ADF.  He has continually applied and been granted several grants and gifted many funds and items to help grow the community.

All with the support of his loving husband Robert Horrigan and Two cats and dog.

Ladies and Gentleman, I am pleased and honored to announce our 2017 Pagan of the Year award to Bill Ehle..

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