New 2018 Witches’ Ball Sponsor Cherry Hill Seminary

Cherry Hill Seminary
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Cherry Hill Seminary provides higher education and practical training in Pagan ministry, as the first graduate-level education for Pagan ministry in the world. Cherry Hill Seminary offers online distance-learning classes, regional workshops, and intensive retreats. 1/2 Price on any Insights Course Search Site for Midwest use Code MWB

The 2018 Witches’ Ball Altar is Donated by Coven of the Raven Moon

Coven of the Raven Moon has graciously donated the 2018 Altar for the Witches’ Ball which will be raffled off to raise money for the Scholarship College Fund.
Coven of the Raven Moon
Coven Of The Raven Moon is A Practicing Wiccan Coven of the Gardnerian tradition.
We are the Largest Collective Wiccan Coven of it’s kind in Magickal Michigan – Led by Eldered High Priestess Morgana Moonwater. We Honor the Sabbats and Every Full/New Moon with Collective Coveners and Surrounding Community Members from Flint to Detroit! Founded in 2013, Coven Of The Raven Moon is focused on empowering our members and our community, actively involving our members in many charity and awareness events, as well as supporting their individual goals and passions.

"Eternally Yours, A 'Gothic' Sweetest Day Dance"